Destiny Carries LFG now Integrates Destiny Player Statistics Into new Looking for Group Site (Destiny LFG) Site

Destiny LFG Site

Destiny is a game that inspires true passion in players, especially when it comes to multiplayer play. One challenge many gamers face in Destiny is who to team up with.  Giving further proof why they are at the head of the pack of Destiny LFG  (Looking For Group) websites, Destiny Carries LFG recently debuted their latest, breakthrough feature integrating Destiny player statistics when a player signs up across all of the major Destiny platforms.  This makes Destiny looking for group much more simple as a player can see who is able to perform at their level or above and who is not worth wasting their time teaming up with to try to advance.  Both Destiny Carries LFG and their growing number of members are very excited about the new feature and how it can help Destiny be even more exciting and challenging.

“We are very happy to have integrated Destiny player statistics,”  commented a spokesperson from Destiny LFG.  “It doesn’t matter what Destiny Platform a player is on PlayStation (PSN), Xbox or PC the stats will carry over. This will take Destiny looking for group to the next level, in our opinion.”

The team at Destiny Carries LFG went into more detail explaining how the new feature works. 

Destiny LFG Site.

Destiny LFG Site Integrates Destiny Player Stats to Site Profile.

When a player signs up on at the Destiny LFG website they have the option of posting on the site’s Destiny LFG page for looking for a group of players or looking for more players to join them in playing Destiny as a team. When this is done site stats are pulled into the site and updated every three minutes, ensuring that they are current and up to date. They can then post in the quite active Destiny LFG forum and ask for players to join them or make it known that they are looking for a group to join themselves.

This all combines to help make sure players don’t have to play alone any longer or play in groups with those who they feel aren’t up to their skill levels.  The numbers don’t lie so the Destiny statistics being available and uploaded so frequently takes most of the guess work out of putting a team together.

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