Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

How to Get the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Not Forgotten Hand Cannon

How to Get the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Luna’s Howl is great, but you know what’s better? The Not Forgotten of course.

Not Forgotten – an upgrade of the Luna’s Howl hand cannon.

Not Forgotten Destiny 2

If you’ve already been through the grind of getting Luna’s Howl and want to take the next step then read on because, in this article, we’re going to tell you how to obtain the Not Forgotten hand cannon.

Once you earn Luna’s Howl another quest will begin for the Not Forgotten hand cannon.

Step 1: Hope

The first part is to get 500 kills on the competitive playlist using Luna’s Howl. But that’s not all (and it’s just the beginning of the grind).

Step 2: Always Faithful

After that, players will need to achieve the rank of Legend or a Glory rank of 5500 points. But here’s the good news: Once you achieve Legend rank in Glory you’ve finished the quest and should earn the Not Forgotten hand cannon.

It’s a lot of grinding work and it is going to truly test your mastery of the Luna’s Howl hand cannon. For some it might be worth it, but for others maybe not.

In terms of stats, it has the same perks as the Luna’s Howl with the addition of Extended Barrel and Accurized Rounds which gives you a huge boost to your range. Along with its Range Masterwork, the Not Forgotten’s range is almost double that of the Luna’s Howl.

Already a powerful gun in its own right, this takes it to the next level and makes it a must-have for fans of Destiny’s hand cannons. Better range means higher damage at distance. Not only that but also it has improved accuracy and consistency. We could see the Not Forgotten being a deadly weapon indeed in the hands of skilled PvP players. Or if you’re an arsenal hoarder like the rest of us you’ll have to have it just because. 

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Is Not Forgotten Worth It?

Each player will have to answer that for themselves, but Not Forgotten shares the same signature perks as Luna’s Howl: Zen Moment and Magnificent Howl. Where the two weapons differ are in their other perks with Not Forgotten getting a huge boost to the Range stat both in its first two perks (Extended Barrel and Accurized Rounds) and its automatic Range Masterwork. These push the Range of Not Forgotten to almost double the Luna’s Howl.

In Destiny 2, not only does Range mean less damage dropoff at extended distances, but it also means more accurate and consistent shots. So Not Forgotten is basically the same weapon as Luna’s Howl but one that will be more reliable and useful at a longer range.

This is definitely a top-tier weapon even above the Luna’s Howl, which will likely be chased by the most hardcore of PvP players.

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