Le Monarque Exotic Bow

Le Monarque is one of the four new exotics that come with the Black Armory update, Le Monarque is not as hard to obtain as you might think. In fact, getting the bow is way easier than unlocking the forge for what that’s worth. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get Le Monarque as well as how to use it once you do. It’s a little tricky to master but apparently somewhat devastating once players do. It’s all about technique.

But that doesn’t matter as much as why you would want Le Monarque in the first place.

And why would you want to get Le Monarque? It is the third bow in the game since the weapon type debuted but, more important than is that, it is a poison damage dealer which means that it can deal minor damage over time after landing a hit. You can imagine how annoying this would be in PvP especially.

Getting Le Monarque is a matter of chance more than anything, but that probably doesn’t surprise you.

The two forges where players can obtain the bow are Gofannon and Izanami. Unlocking these two forges is the biggest hurdle to overcome to obtain Le Monarque. Sure, it is a random drop, but the quests to unlock these forges for that random chance are no joke.

Completing the forges without a weapon frame in your inventory reportedly improves the chances of receiving the Le Monarque bow. No matter how it happens, players will need to run the forges over and over again until they get it. Luckily, with friends, this isn’t that hard to do. Running Izanami is way easier than doing Gofannon.

We recommend buddying up with two other players and doing Izanami until the forge drops the bow. To speed things up, you’ll want to divide the team into specialists. Have one player stay near the forge while the other two head to one of the two islands to farm glowing enemies in order to get orbs.

Le Monarque Exotic Bow

So, once you get Le Monarque, what can you expect?

The perk for Le Monarque is pretty self-explanatory, Poison Arrows. It is a mechanic that some players have mastered and others have not.

Using damage over time weapons like Le Monarque is not as cut and dry as straight damage dealing weapons.

To get the Poison Arrows perk players need to accomplish what is called a perfect draw. It means is that a player releases the arrow at the exact moment it is pulled all the way back. Players can practice their bow technique by farming in the Lost Sectors. Even if you get it down you have to keep in mind that the heat of battle is a different than practice. Nothing beats just trying it but, the fact that you don’t get the Poison Arrows perk without perfect execution does put a damper on things.

Hunters and the Oathkeeper Exotic Gauntlets

Hunters have the Oathkeeper exotic that will help them do a perfect draw every time but you will have to practice archery skills to take full advantage of Le Monarque’s unique attributes.

Le Monarque Bow

Early word on the weapon is rather mixed. It is likely because of how difficult it is to master the perfect draw technique. The bow is apparently effective in both player versus environment and player versus player environment PvE. Whether or not it is worth it is up to you but the damage over time from the Poison Arrows perk does seem worthwhile, especially for PvP.

Le Monarque is, without a doubt, a must-have from the Black Armory exotics. All you have to do is a little bit of farming with friends.

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