Destiny Carries LFG


    Experience Destiny 2’s Multiplayer Feature at its Fullest

    Destiny Carries LFG is a new website that offers game lovers an innovative platform to enjoy Destiny 2 with multiplayer feature. Here you can find players from all game platforms like PlayStation (PS4), Xbox, and of course for the PC.

    Destiny Carries LFG combines cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay into an expansive online world. If you are looking for other players or groups to play Destiny PS4, Xbox, PC together and complete Destiny raids, Gambit, Trials of the Nine, and Exotic Quest with, Destiny LFG is the multiplayer platform to use. Destiny LFG knows how challenging these games can be and that’s why they are here to help you out. You can find groups or other players at the Destiny LFG unique and easy to use website, and get started on those missions together.

    Destiny Carries LFG and Experiance like no other!

    Destiny Carries LFG will provide you with an experience like no other as you team up with players from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and just about everywhere in the world dominating a multitude of challenges that Destiny PS4, Xbox, PC have to offer. Complete those hard to do items like, Destiny Raids, Gambit, Crucible, Vanguard missions, Exotic Quest, and 100,000 Nightfall. There’s no telling what can happen next on this incredible platform.

    At Destiny Carries LFG, their goal is as simple as it can be. Destiny LFG wants to help you out, and with other players you’ll gain all the information and techniques you need to complete the most challenging raids and missions.

    About Destiny Carries LFG

    Destiny Carries FLG was formed by a group of Destiny players. These players have extensive knowledge in the online game called Destiny 2. They offer game lovers the fulfillment of real-time interaction that they can only get with multiplayer.

    Destiny Carries & LFG also provides players with tried-and-tested experts who will carry you to the next level therefore Destiny LFG not only provides you with the best players they’ll choose the most trustworthy ones. Because they know how important your character is to you, their expert players make it a point to do their job completely and without changing or removing any of your characters’ features.

    For more information, please visit: or send an email to [email protected]

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